Liqueur Bottle Wall Art Prints

Liqueur bottle wall art prints are one of the most stylish interior decor trends of 2019! If you consider yourself a liqueur connoisseur or know someone who adores their liqueurs, these are the prints you’re looking for! Inspired by the world’s best-known liqueurs, these liqueur bottle illustrations make a vibrant and bold statement on any wall. If you are looking for interior decor ideas and you want stylish wall art prints for your home try mixing and matching these liqueur bottle paintings for a unique and eye-catching wall display! To create the perfect pair, choose your favourite liqueur bottle and pair it with our cocktails prints. If you are looking to buy for someone else, these prints are the perfect gifts for liqueur lovers! Created with expressive splatter marks and vibrant colours, each liqueur print is a reminder of the fun, laughter and good times enjoyed with friends and family over a few cheeky drinks! If you are stuck on thinking of a unique Christmas gift you can’t go wrong with our liqueur bottle wall art! Whether you need a suitable secret Santa gift for a colleague or you’re looking for a meaningful Christmas present for your family, one of our liqueur prints is sure to make them smile!