Home bars have risen in popularity during lockdown - discover how to create one that compliments your interior style

Home Bars - Your Round!

Home bars are an interior trend that have grown in popularity over the past 12 months. With trips to our favourite cocktail bars off the cards, we've been busy designing bespoke bars and home entertaining spaces that add to our lives in both style and purpose.

Deciding on what kind of home bar you're going to create is the all important starting point.

It can be something as simple as taking over a couple of shelves, repurposing a cabinet or the addition of a metallic drinks trolly. It can also be a major project like a garage refit, the build of a shed or even remodelling part of your home.

When it comes to adding smaller bar areas at home we recommend keeping it simple - it should feel like a stylish addition that compliments what's already there. Think about the shape and furnishing of your existing space and take it from there.

Styling your bar

Drinks bottles and various types of glasses are essential components of any home bar, but it doesn't stop there. In addition you can add bowls for nibbles, cocktail making sets, cocktail shakers, coasters, serving trays, ice buckets and metal straws. 

Of course, what home bar would be complete without a set of stylish wall art prints? Style empty trolley spaces with framed prints from our cocktail or liquor bottle collections, or create a feature gallery wall above the bar. With over 100 stylish wall art prints that would compliment a home bar area these are the perfect finishing touch for your home entertaining space.

Cheers to your new home feature

If you're taking the plunge and creating something bigger there are other things to consider when planning your perfect home bar. If you want to utilise a larger space you'll have the freedom to add in seating areas, bar stools, music systems and televisions. Bar areas like these are a real luxury and a perfect way to give purpose to any unused spaces in your home.

Practical additions like fridges, freezers, lighting and draft beer kegs are fantastic for achieving a space that feels like a real bar space. If your budget doesn't quite stretch to professional beer kegs and pumps you now have the option of mini beer dispensers which are easy to use and a great way to serve up an ice cold pint.

If you're looking to build your own home bar or transform an area of your home into an entraining space don't forget to view our collection of stylish wall art including liquor, beer bottles, cocktail and drink prints.

We recommend drinking responsibly... but always in style!

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